Combating phishing fraud

The impact of DMARC extends far beyond our business. Broad adoption can make the entire email ecosystem safer and more secure. To contribute to that broader goal of combating phishing, Mailmerk developed the realtime phishing scorecard to display the current situation per country and per branche starting with the main banks and government in The Netherlands.

Mailmerk would like to help you implement the best anti-phishing strategy together with other specialists to make the email world a better place. Please contact us if you have any questions (phone: +31 786313303).

Phishing scorecard Mailmerk and Measuremail

Are your email domains phishing proof? Test it now!

  • E-mail address (required) ? Fill this field with your email address.
  • Domain (required) ? Fill this field with the part after the @ sign in the email address that you normally use for your email campaigns or your office mail.
  • DKIM key (optional: see explanation at the right)
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How to find your DKIM key

You can start the quick scan without DKIM key for a global view of your security. For a complete picture, you can follow these steps to fill the field 'DKIM key'. This will only take three minutes of your time.

1- Send an email from your office email address to your Gmail account
2- Open the mail (in Gmail). [Screenshot]
3- Click (in Gmail) on the button at the right side of the screen, where you can choose between several options. [Screenshot]
4- Go to "Show Original". [Screenshot]
5- Search for s= by using the CTRL and F key [Screenshot]
6- Behind s= you will find a code.
7- Copy the code behind s= (key20110830 example) and paste it into the input field of the quick scan. [Screenshot]
8- If you need any help send an email to and we will send you the DKIM key back.