DMARC Advisor bringing email into the 21st century

Companies use DMARC Advisor to rapidly and accurately deploy DMARC, allowing them to improve email delivery, combat fraud, and to monitor domain-wide usage of email.

Are your email domains phishing proof? Test it now!

  • E-mail address (required) ? Fill this field with your email address.
  • Domain (required) ? Fill this field with the part after the @ sign in the email address that you normally use for your email campaigns or your office mail.
  • DKIM key (optional: see explanation at the right)
  • Start quick scan

How to find your DKIM key

You can start the quick scan without DKIM key for a global view of your security. For a complete picture, you can follow these steps to fill the field 'DKIM key'. This will only take three minutes of your time.

1- Send an email from your office email address to your Gmail account
2- Open the mail (in Gmail). [Screenshot]
3- Click (in Gmail) on the button at the right side of the screen, where you can choose between several options. [Screenshot]
4- Go to "Show Original". [Screenshot]
5- Search for s= by using the CTRL and F key [Screenshot]
6- Behind s= you will find a code.
7- Copy the code behind s= (key20110830 example) and paste it into the input field of the quick scan. [Screenshot]
8- If you need any help send an email to and we will send you the DKIM key back.